International Neurology ServicesTM is a not-for-profit service dedicated to improving access to quality EEGs across the globe.  Its goal is to not only push back the darkness of epilepsy, but to bring epilepsy to light. INS is committed to improving both the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy in developing countries. It is accomplishing this by taking EEG machines to hospitals and clinics in developing countries, training locals how to perform the studies, and then reading the studies through a website database. The studies are sent back to the US to be interpreted by highly trained neurologists. In 2016, INS placed two EEG machines in Kenya at local hospitals. We trained four techs at these locations.. EEG interpretations are being performed every week which are truly changing lives.

INS has also developed a mobile solar powered EEG machine so that EEGs can be performed on patients anywhere in this world. An EEG could be performed in the middle of sub-Saharan Africa under an Acacia tree with the patient sitting on a stump. With a cell phone enabled mobile hot-spot, an EEG can be sent anywhere in the world and an interpretation can be made in a matter of minutes.

We currently have two EEG machines in Kenya, one in Haiti, one in Honduras, one in Tanzania, and we recently donated a machine to Cameron.  That is 6 total EEG machines placed in just two short years.  One more machine has been purchased that will go to another subsaharan African country early next year.

INS has plans of expanding and in 2018 hopes to take new EEG machines to additional countries. Please partner with us to make a difference in the lives of patients around the world.

Our Story

In 2015, one of our neurologists  traveled to Haiti for the first time with an organization that runs an orphanage. Haiti has the greatest need for medical care in the western hemisphere, so it did not surprise him to find neurology patients desperately needing help. He was particularly touched by one patient who had had an EEG performed in Haiti but read by a physician in the US. This gave him the idea to apply teleneurology advances in other developing countries.

After researching, and designing a website, INS was about to have two EEGs donated, and in September 2016, a team traveled to Kenya to set up the machines and train four EEG technicians.

We then trained a national physician in Haiti with an organization to be the EEG tech.  We developed a solar powered EEG system that can go into villages and treat people who are truly outcasts from epilepsy.  We even met a 15 year old boy that has never been to school.  He actually tried to go one day and he had a seizure and fell in the dirt.  No one would touch him for fear of contracting the disease.  They though he was possessed with evil spirits and the teacher asked him to never return.  He later had a seizure and fell in a fire and obtained a horrible burn to his left thigh.  This little boy had the worst case of absence epilepsy we had ever seen.  We started him on medications and he is doing much better today.

In March of 2017, INS traveled to Tanzania to another remote medical hospital.  We have now perfected our solar powered system and have a rugged solar powered laptop base EEG system that can literally go anywhere in the world.  We trained 3 techs to do the tests, and then traveled to a village that is only accessible by water.  We saw 22 people with seizures.  only 2 of them had ever seen a doctor even though some of them had been tortured with seizures for over 30 years.  Nobody was currently on medications.  We did 6 EEGs using only the sun for power.  The laptop still had 100% power by the end of the day. The only medication was Phenobarbital, but everyone who has returned even months later was seizure free.  This changed peoples lives.  One man who had severe anger issues with frontal lobe epilepsy is seizure free and was even able to join a choir.

Please partner with International Neurology Services as we are truly transforming lives.





According to the World Health Organization

  • Epilepsy affects over 50 million people worldwide
  • Close to 80% of these patients are in developing countries
  • 80% of these patients go untreated
  • As many as 70% of patients can be treated if given the right diagnosis and treatment
  • An EEG machine can help in the diagnosis of Epilepsy, and help show that there is a true brain disorder that can be treated
  • Epilepsy is misunderstood in many developing nations. Often patients with this condition are though to have demonic possession, and become outcasts in their society. Many people fear they can catch this disease by touching a patient with it, so these patients lose the opportunity of every having a good job, or even being part of the community.
  • Little do these people know that for just pennies a day, there is life saving medication available
  • Physicians in these countries are having to treat these patients, and often times don’t have all of the facts. An EEG machine can change all of this.

Get Involved

You can make a difference in the lives of epilepsy patients around the world!

Here’s how:

  • For just a $10 donation, you will provide enough money to perform an EEG for one patient and truly change this person’s life forever. You can make a tax-deductible donation at www.cmda.com/ins.
  • If you are a neurologist, please contact us to help read EEGs. We are assembling a network of neurologists who will make a direct impact on these patients’ lives.